slider 1 road side storage dry

slider 2 road side harvestingg pond
slider 3 Dust from feeder roads – kopie
slider 4 percolation pits along the road
slider 5 Ponding at culvert in road DSC08234
slider 6 road side waterlogging
Slider 7 road side water harvesting storage pond


A strong body of governance is crucial for the development and implementation of roads for water. Here you can find articles on governance and on how to establish a strong collaboration between different disciplines and levels. We welcome you to share your ideas and experiences with us on this topic!

Country Experience on Road Water Management for Resilience

Find out here what activities are on-going in Uganda, Malawi, Kenya and Ethiopia:

Country Visions for Road Water Management for Resilience

These countries share how they envision the future prospect and actions, of road water management for resilience:

Well-being method for social survey

How to create a connection between the interviewed person and the person interviewing? Read more here.

Wider Road – Inclusive growth


Presentation to include forum on inclusive growth

30th September 2016, Leiden, The Netherlands


Stakeholder Meeting – Roads for Water Governance and Experiences (Presentation)

Stakeholder Meeting – Roads for Water Governance and Experiences (Presentation)

Author: Frank van Steenbergen

Year: 2014

Presentation: Socio-Political and Socio-Economic impact of roads

Socio-Political and Socio-Economic Impact of Roads (Presentation)

Presentation by Lyla Mehta (IDS) on analysis of linkages between road projects and water source availability.

Author: Lyla Mehta (IDS)

Year: 2013

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  Roads for Water Consortium:                          


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