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The Promises of Roads for Polder Water Management and Flood Protection

Funded under the Blue Gold Innovation Fund and supported by Blue Gold, EKN, the Global Resilience Partnership/Z Zurich Foundation, this opportunity study explored the scope of and ways to integrate (embankment) road development and polder water management and flood protection. There are many connections between roads and water/flood management: i) roads change and disrupt natural drainage flows and khal connectivity, accentuating waterlogging in polders ii) many embankments double up
as roads and flood shelters and iii) road-water crossings, if provided with gates, being potential sites for water control and distribution. The report can be accessed here

Article in Smart Farmer Magazine

An article on road water management for agriculture was recently published in the April – May 2017 issue of Smart Farmer Magazine. You can read the article on this link -> Smart farmer magazine

Understanding and addressing the drought in Kenya: opportunities of harvesting water with roads

Drought is striking in Kenya, especially in the semiarid and arid lands where (agro-) pastoralists live. We visited Kitui-East to listen to the people about their situation and share their story. What is their experience, and how are they dealing with this situation? You can read about it here

First Regional Leadership Course “Road Water Management for Resilience”

The Roads for Water Alliance is facilitating the Leadership Program in support of its objective of introducing road for water programmes globally.

Read more on this link! Flyer Course

Why Invest In Roads for Water To Achieve Climate Resilience?

There is an estimated annual investment of 1-2 Trillion USD in roads – with the bulk of this amount in low and middle income countries. With the rapid expansion
of feeder roads these investments are moreover present everywhere. We argue that climate funds should be used to retool roads to promote climate resilience. You can read more  here

New presentation on controlled sand mining along roads

Sand often accumulate along roads and road drainage systems. The controlled mining of this sand provides an alternative source of income for roadside communities and at the same time contributes to road maintenance. You can read about experiences from Ethiopia here

Finalist of the Global Resilience Partnership “Water Window Challenge”!!!

Our project “Roads to the Rescue” in Bangladesh is one of the 16 finalists of the Water Window Challenge. We already started our collaboration with Bangladesh University of Engineering and Technology to increase the resilience of coastal polder areas of Bangladesh!

New video: Harvesting Road Runoff to Recharge Groundwater

We recently produced the video: Harvesting Road Runoff to Recharge Groundwater in Ethiopia. You can watch it here

World Water: Stormwater Management Magazine

Read our latest article in World Water: Stormwater Management Magazine. Click here

New report from Afar Region, Ethiopia

This new report explores current practices and challenges on road water harvesting in Afar pastoralist area, Ethiopia. To read the report click here: Roads for Water in Pastoralist Areas_Afar


  Roads for Water Consortium:                          


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