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Roads for water among the eight winners of the Global Resilience Challenge

We are ecstatic to announce that our project “New Roads for Resilience: Connecting Roads, Water and Livelihoods” was selected by the Global Resilience Partnership as one of the eight winning teams of the Global Resilience Challenge!! The selected teams will implement transformative resilience solutions to problems that threaten the lives and livelihoods of vulnerable populations in the Horn of Africa, the Sahel and South East Asia!


World Highways Magazine – Water from Roads?

Check out our article in World Highways Magazine – Emergent Edition

World Highways Magazine – Article Water from Roads


We hope you enjoyed the presentation on Making Roads Work for Water from the IRF e-learning Webinar Series. If you missed it you may download the presentation and watch a replay of the webinar here.

Planet Labs

RoadsforWater consortium will work together with Planet Labs to assess the impact of water harvesting with roads: (1) to monitor road-water effects in selected road stretches and (2) to assess area of impact – positive or negative – in road water harvesting. PlanetLabs will from 2016 source high resolution images on a daily basis – based on their new approach to remote sensing – i.e. the use of large number of low cost small satellites allowing line-scanning of the earth.

Postdoctoral research positions on roads

University of London has received a European Research Council (ERC) Consolidator Grant of almost €2 million for his research project on ethnographic approaches to infrastructure development in South Asia. The five-year project will provide the first ethnographic account of the culture of road builders, their knowledge practices, interrelations and motivations.

Postdoctoral research opportunities are now open! 


We, MetaMeta, Mekelle University and the government of Tigray, are very proud and happy to anounce you that we have been granted the 2015 Global Road Achievement Award by the International Road Federation for Environmental Mitigation. We are thankful for this recognition and encouraged to further develop and expand the Roads for Water mission!

Amhara Drought Resilience Program

There is high concern that the coming El Nino will cause drought in the eastern part of Amhara state. A crash drought resilience program has been initiated involving the mass mobilization of 2 million persons. Road water harvesting is one of the main components in the campaign. Because of the higher rainfall in Amhara several new techniques are used such as uphill water harvesting ponds and infiltration ditches perpendicular to the road.

Road Side Tree Planting Pilot

St Mary’s (a local NGO) with the Wukro woreda administration are starting a pilot on road side planting – looking at benefit sharing mechanism and appropriate tree plantation.

Tigray Drought Resilience Program

The Tigray government in Ethiopia is continuing its summer campaign for drought resilience, including road water harvesting in all woredas (districts). The Bureau of Agriculture and Rural Development is also doing an assessment of last years manifold road water harvesting activities.

Radio Competition Started in Makueni, Kenya

A competition for the best road water harvesting practice is started in Makueni by three radio station. There will be a month of announcements and then visits to the 10 best long-listed farmers.

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