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This section presents an overview of road water harvesting techniques. We really encourage all of you to share your experiences and ideas on these topics. Please contact us and share!

Comparative water quality analysis for road runoff water, case-study Kenya

A report that compares water quality parameters of water harvest from roads, rock catchment, river, borehole and a shallow well. It concludes that the water quality of road runoff is better off compared to other sources, only issues along road being exceeding values of high iron and turbidity. This can be prevented/treated with appropriate measures. Overall there is huge potential of road runoff also to be used for domestic use. 

Find the report here

Roads for Resilience Report Tajikistan

Integrating climate change adaptation and water management in the design and construction of roads.  

Assessment of Opportunities in Tajikistan

Find the report here



Road runoff calculations for recharge of earth dams

Bsc research with SEKU on the amount of road runoff and groundwater recharge through earth dams. A case-study from Katangi, Machakos. 

Shisiali 2017 Road Runoff catchment calculations

comparative analysis of pond liners

Bsc research on different types of pond liners on how alternative/low-cost methods can reduce seepage and increase storage capacity. 

Wamboi 2017 comparative analysis of pond lining

Roads in flood plains

Presentation on managing water around roads in flood plains and design considerations available here

How to make roads work for resilience in Nepal?

Nepal is a challenging country for road design and construction: the low-lying plains that are prone to flooding and inundation, hilly areas with a lot of irrigation potential, and the mountains with very steep slopes.

We presented and discussed the challenges and opportunities at the Department of Roads. There is a lot of potential to turn roads into an asset for water management. The engineers indicated that the policy-aspect is very important, it needs to be included in decision-making. 

Find the presentation here

Simple mechanization for dug-out ponds construction – Practical Note

New practical note on “Simple mechanization for dug-out ponds construction” available here

Roads for Water Guided Learning Package

This training course has been established to familiarize participants with road water management
approaches and technologies. The participants will be enabled to apply the acquired knowledge
and skills in their area to find possibilities to improve the present situation and plan for the

Guided Learning on Roads Water Management

Presentation Guided Learning


Road Crossings for Water Harvesting in Dry Rivers: Non-Vented Drifts as Sand Dams

This Practical Note discusses the siting, the design and the construction of road crossings in dry
riverbeds to harvest and retain flood water. With extensive road construction programs ongoing in
most part of the world and 60% of new roads to be added from 2010 to 2025 globally, the
opportunities to combine road development with water management are substantial. Within this the
use of road drifts – in particular the use of nonvented drifts functioning as sand dams in semiarid
and arid areas – is an important and in most countries underutilized opportunity to harvest flood
water. Read the note here.

Evaporation and water storage in semi-arid region of Kitui, Kenya

Master Thesis on Evaporation and water storage in semi-arid region of Kitui, Kenya. Different methods are discussed on measuring evaporation methods and its implications for water storage. 

Master_Thesis_Tiggeloven-sand dams kitui

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