slider 1 road side storage dry

slider 2 road side harvestingg pond
slider 3 Dust from feeder roads – kopie
slider 4 percolation pits along the road
slider 5 Ponding at culvert in road DSC08234
slider 6 road side waterlogging
Slider 7 road side water harvesting storage pond


This section includes presentations on Road Water Management for Resilience and related topics. The presentations are continuously developed by the Roads for Water consortium and cover a wide range of topics and learning material. We want to encourage you to have a look and tell us about your ideas.

Please share your own practices with us, so we can together develop new ideas to share with our partners. In this open environment we can build together new ideas and approaches and learn from each other. These presentations can also be used in training and workshops, please contact us about this!


  Roads for Water Consortium:                          


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