GR4W as part of the IRF training course on “Building Climate Resilience into Roads and Transport Infrastructure”

The Internation Road Federation (IRF) training course on “Building Resilience into Roads and Transport Infrastructure” took place from 2-12 of November 2020. This training course was designed to provide a methodical overview of climate change mitigation strategies and emergency response management. The lectures were taught during a two-week period with live two-hour on-line sessions. One day of the training course (09.11.2020) was dedicated to Green Roads for Water. During this session, the MetaMeta team discussed the Green Roads for Water approach, benefits and practicalities and presented local experiences and successful examples of promoting and implementing Green Roads for Water Kenya, Uganda, Malawi and Nepal.

Please access the training presentations through the links below:

You can also watch the video recording of the Green Roads for Water  training session: