Webinar recording (10 December, 2019): Road Water Management in mountainous areas

In this Webinar, we discussed Road Water Management (RWM) in mountainous areas! This type of landscape is the most challenging one for RWM in terms of engineering, logistics, and financing. This happens because road development on high altitudes can change the runoff patterns and the surrounding environment which can make entire areas and the communities living there less resilient to climate change. We discussed the development of mountain roads and the improvement of the landscape around mountain roads in Asia and specifically in Tajikistan and Nepal. Our presenters for this webinar were Jonathan Demenge who is based in Tajikistan, working at GERES And Saroj Yakami who is based in Nepal and working for Meta Meta Nepal. Jonathan and Saroj shared their experiences in researching and implementing RWM in these countries. You can access the webinar recording through this link.