slider 1 road side storage dry

slider 2 road side harvestingg pond
slider 3 Dust from feeder roads – kopie
slider 4 percolation pits along the road
slider 5 Ponding at culvert in road DSC08234
slider 6 road side waterlogging
Slider 7 road side water harvesting storage pond

Concept note on converting borrow pits for water ponds in Mozambique

This note discusses the systematic conversion of borrow pits as source of water supply in Mozambique. Borrow pits provide the source material for the construction of road embankments – depending on the local area: gravel/ aggregates, silica sands, laterite sands, calcite. Once no longer used borrow pits can become an important and valuable source of water supply in different parts of the country. Rather than backfilling the borrow pits or leaving them unattended, they may be systematically transformed into sources of local water supply Read the note here


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