slider 1 road side storage dry

slider 2 road side harvestingg pond
slider 3 Dust from feeder roads – kopie
slider 4 percolation pits along the road
slider 5 Ponding at culvert in road DSC08234
slider 6 road side waterlogging
Slider 7 road side water harvesting storage pond

Fodder production with road water harvesting in African drylands

Flood based irrigation and road water harvesting are two viable and low-entry methods to boost fodder production in drylands. A high soil moisture content and prolonged plant growth can be ensured by spreading water on the field or by capturing it through trenches. These will allow water time to infiltrate slowly, this water will move in both vertical and lateral directions, thus recharging groundwater and soil moisture. Systematically introducing the spreading of short term floods from ephemeral rivers and from road drainage combined with water retention in trenches will lead to increase of soil moisture levels. Read the blog on this link


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