slider 1 road side storage dry

slider 2 road side harvestingg pond
slider 3 Dust from feeder roads – kopie
slider 4 percolation pits along the road
slider 5 Ponding at culvert in road DSC08234
slider 6 road side waterlogging
Slider 7 road side water harvesting storage pond

Multifunctional Infrastructure for Coastal Bangladesh: Using Roads as Instruments for Flood Resilience

This note sets out the scope for making a strong connection between roads and flood resilience and water management in coastal Bangladesh. At the moment there is already considerable overlap with roads serving as flood embankments and embankments doubling up as roads. Systematically planning and designing integrated multifunctional roads can be a cost effective manner to provide higher flood resilience and improved agricultural productivity and will add to the longevity of the roads themselves. Find the note here


  Roads for Water Consortium:                          


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