Guideline on Protecting & Developing Springs in Hill and Mountain areas

This guideline provides ideas and interventions on how to better manage important water resources such as springs, seeps and small streams along the roads during road contruction and maintenance phases.

In this guideline, we describe the importance of springs and seeps in hill and mountain areas of Nepal. We first explain how springs and seeps can be protected and managed as well as the tools or techniques to manage such resources to improve the livelihood of people living along the roadside. This guideline also touches upon the techniques to use spoil from road construction that helps to recharge groundwater and roadside bioengineering to protect road slopes. The guideline is written for different stakeholders related to local roads and water management along roadsides. It gives an idea of what steps to take to protect springs and seeps and small streams along the roadside as wells as techniques to make use of such resources.

You can access the guideline through this link.

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Last modified: January 3, 2022