How can road side tree planting benefit people in Kitui, Kenya?

This report is part of the collaboration with SEKU in the Roads for Water program.
It explains the benefits of roadside tree planting in ASALs and describes how such activities can be organized with the community.

This research concerns a case study in Kitui Rural, Kenya, (Kathome/Kawongo sub-locations) on the planting of trees along the road as a way to create water catchments for the surface runoff from the road. Large parts of Kenya suffer from water shortage. Rainfall events in Kitui are short lived and the water hardly gets enough time to infiltrate the ground. People in the arid and semi-arid areas encounter frequent droughts to the extent of relying on government for relief food. In Kitui Rural, rivers dry up fast after a rainfall event this owed to high evapotranspiration due to the hot climate of the region. The area remains largely dry for the most part of the year. Given the expected increase in climate variability and the massive potential of rainwater harvesting in Africa, studying techniques of small scale water storage becomes increasingly important.

Read the full report here:Kadenyi Nancy Tree Growing Kitui Report

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Last modified: July 18, 2017