IRF webinar (October 27, 2020): Green Roads for Water – Resilience approaches around rural roads

At 17:00 pm Central European Time

How to attend

This is a free of charge IRF e-Learning webinar. For this webinar, prior registration is needed. Please register through this link. Once you register, you will receive a confirmation email from IRF with details on how to attend.


Roads are massive structures that affect the hydrology of entire areas. They block and guide water, concentrate run-off, interfere with surface and subsurface flows and get damaged in this process. Road hydraulic structures are mostly designed to discharge concentrated flow of water which many times create problems to the surrounding landscape of the roads such as erosion, flooding, water logging and even landslides. To convert such problems into opportunities, road water harvesting can be applied along roads, which brings a triple win: (1) improving the quality of road infrastructure, (2) protecting the landscape around roads and (3) creating an asset of the water harvested with roads for both productive and consumptive use by the nearby communities.
During this webinar, MetaMeta will introduce the “Green Roads for Water” concept and present its experience in promoting and implementing Green Roads for Water programs in different kinds of roads, landscapes and hydrological situations for improved water management and connectivity though roads. Also, the representative of MetaMeta in Nepal will discuss the issues and opportunities of Green Roads for Water there


Frank van Steenbergen – Director of MetaMeta, Team Leader of the Green Roads for Water program
Anastasia Deligianni – MetaMeta Research, Project Manager of the Green Roads for Water program
Saroj Yakami – MetaMeta Nepal, Country Coordinator and Program Manager

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Last modified: October 23, 2020