Open Webinar (April 15): Green Roads for Water for Resilience and Recovery

11:45 Central European Time

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This a critical time to reflect how we do things and give resilience a central place in the way we manage ourselves and plan our public infrastructure. This webinar discusses the experience of five years promoting the use of roads for resilience and water management and at the same time have more reliable connections.

There is probably no intervention that has such an impact on water as the construction of roads: roads often cause erosion and floods, they trigger floods and disrupt the movement of sand dunes. At the same particularly unpaved roads are often disrupted because of water damage. Yet all of this can be turned around – roads can be used to harvest water, guide floods, open up springs, retain subsurface flows and control water tables. At the same time damage to roads will drop markedly. Integrating the water management functions in road development is game-changer in resilience, of only because the massive investment every year in roads (1-2 Trillion USD a year).

Over the last years roads for water programs have been introduced in more than 10 countries. The relevance is high in current corona times – first to massively create additional sources of water wherever roads are built and secondly to build this into safety net and recovery programs – creating employment and creating better rural roads.

In the webinar we present global experiences and case studies from Ethiopia, Nepal, Malawi and Uganda.

Presenters: Frank van Steenbergen (MetaMeta Research), Taye Alemayehu (MetaMeta Ethiopia), Hilary Galiwango (MetaMeta Uganda), Macpherson Nthara (Ministry of Agriculture and Food Security) and Saroj Yakami (MetaMeta Nepal)


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The webinar is free to attend and open to all. We invite you to join the discussions with your questions, comments, and feedback.

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Last modified: April 8, 2020