Open Webinar (December 10): Green Roads for Water in Mountainous Areas

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Road development in mountain areas presents many engineering, logistical, and financial challenges. If done carelessly, the development of roads in these environments can have a heavy negative impact on the surrounding environment and undermine climate resilience. Road development can change runoff patterns and cause areas to further dry out. They can transfigure the face of mountain regions, leaving behind huge erosion scars and accelerating the rate of sedimentation.

In a free, open webinar on December 10th, three key experts:

  • Kifle Woldearegay (Mekelle University, Ethiopia)
  • Jonathan Demenge (Tajikistan), and
  • Saroj Yakami (MetaMeta Nepal)

will discuss the development of mountain roads and the improvement of the landscape around mountain roads in Ethiopia, Nepal and Tajikistan. They will share their experiences researching and implementing Road Water Management in the three countries. They will discuss various measures for stabilizing the terrain around mountainous roads, using road water harvesting to make these areas more productive, and reducing the exposure of the roads themselves to extreme events.

The webinar is free to attend and open to all. We invite you to join the discussions with your questions, comments, and feedback.

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Last modified: December 2, 2019