Report on the estimation of runoff from roads and groundwater recharge with earth dams in Machakos County

There is a high potential for the application of road water harvesting practices while taking the often limited available infrastructural budget, data availability and data quality into account. Road
alignment, culvert locations, and culvert discharge capacity are the most important parameters in the improvement of road design. Road construction in conjunction with drainage structures
(culverts), when combined with water harvesting, can benefit groundwater resources for poor rural communities namely for small scale irrigation animal watering and household activities.

The results shows that there is a positive impact of road runoff on groundwater recharge. This conclusion is based on changes in the water level in the shallow well. The water level fluctuation was very small although data was taken during the dry season. From the desk study conducted during the study period, it was found that two shallow wells which were dug in the same location (Katangi), had dried up during the dry period. The entire Katangi generally had a poor record of groundwater.

The report can be downloaded on this link: Shisiali 2017 Road Runoff catchment calculations

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Last modified: April 13, 2018