Roads for Resilience Report Tajikistan

This report assesses the scope for making use of roads for building climate resilience and improving water management in Tajikistan. Roads have a major impact on surface and subsurface hydrology: they change how water moves through the land. Conversely, the movement of water across the landscape affects the condition of the roads and the area surrounding them. At present this is often a cause of problems: erosion, landslides, flooding. Water is also the main cause of damage to roads: globally 35% of the damage to paved roads is attributed to water; for unpaved roads this is close to 80%. The situation in Tajikistan is not much different. A special challenge in Tajikistan are the mountain areas – that cover more than 90% of the country. Whilst this environment is challenging at the best of times, changing weather is causing more snowmelt and triggering more rain showers than before. It is also causing bigger river floods. All this is increasing the risk to the road infrastructure. Find the report Tajikistan report WB assessment

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Last modified: April 25, 2018