Handouts and presentations

Training/workshop on Green Roads for Water in Nepal (17-18 Dec 2019)

The workshop/training on “Green Roads for Water in Nepal” took place in Kathmandu on the 17th  and 18th of December 2019. The workshop was attended by 24 people with representatives from the Department of Local Infrastructure (DoLI), the Department of Roads (DoR), the Department of Irrigation (DoI), the Water Resource Research and Development Center (WRRDC), the Municipality of Godawari and the World Bank The objectives of the training were to:

  • understand the challenges in road development and climate change
  • learn and share about road water harvesting globally
  • discuss how to apply techniques of ‘green roads for water’ in different regions of Nepal
  • work on initiatives for implementation and promotion.

Below, you can find the program of the workshop, the presentations given during the workshop (six in total), the action plans developed during the workshop and a detailed report of the 2-day workshop:

Program of the workshop/training

1. Green Roads for Water the Global Initiative

2. Green Roads for Water in Mountain and Hilly Areas

3. Issues and challenges in local road network development

4. Issues and challenges in strategic roads in Nepal and the integration of climate change

5. Bio-engineering in road development- lesson learned

6. Green Roads for Water in Terai and Plain

Action Plans