Reaping the fruits from road water harvesting

Is farming an activity for the poor? Can one invest on crop farming as their full time job especially in a very dry area like Emali in Makueni County and profit from it? If you think not, then maybe major
Mwania’s story will sway you otherwise. Major Mwania’s farm in Welovea is 14 Km away from Emali. He started farming in 1982, and got involved full time in 1995 after resigning from Kenya Navy.
Mwania and his wife Esther are now one of the model farmers in Makueni whose excellence in farming is nothing to go un-noticed. The amazing thing is that when I visited his farm on September, one
of the driest months; he had plenty of ripe oranges, enough to sell a big batch to fruit companies. His farm is used for research purposes, learning purposes and training other farmers. Mwania owes
all this success to road run-off harvesting and proper soil conservation measures in his farm.

Want to know how road water harvesting can boost your farming business? Read the story from Mr. and Mrs. Mwania who live in the semi-arid part of Makueni and are reaping many fruits from road water harvesting. You can read the story on this stry farming couples Mwania Makueni story

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Last modified: March 19, 2018